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Congratulations you have been selected by or judges as an official selection, Official Short List or an Official Nominee, but you are unsure as to how COVID-19 will effect your awards ceremony. 

The latest info as we get it will be updated on this page. Please do check here and our FAQ section before contacting us. 

Updated  November 2nd 2020

The good news is that the 2021 Gold Movie Awards® live from London is pushing ahead as planned. Our team are working around the clock and in collaboration with the UK government, the CDC and the world health organisation (WHO) to ensure we can safely bring you your favourite film festival and awards ceremony.

As you can imagine, 2020 has been a very difficult year for us here at the GMA's, as it has for millions around the world. Our teams have been working tirelessly to bring to you, our guests, the festival you have all come to love and expect. It has always been our mission to support not only you our guests but also the independent film industry and the arts as a whole. As we prepare for the 5th annual Gold Movie Awards® we have had to take some very difficult decisions. 


Quite simply put, it would be easy for us to run the upcoming GMA's online, which is what most, if not all festivals and awards ceremonies have done to date. As great as the online events have been, and as much as we commend our collogues for the incredible work they have done, online events just aren't the same. You, our guests, have always been the centre of what we do. We realise there is more to a film festival that just the award, so to ensure we can provide for you the GMA's in all its facets we have decided to move the 2021 Gold Movie Awards® ceremony to the summer. 

The 5th annual 2021 Gold Movie Awards® will now be extending to a second day next August 2021. August 18th and 19th 2021. We are pleased to tell you that the GMA's moves to a second day. Extending our reach by 100% allows us to tailor many more valuable events through our GMA Events department, seminars and education-based events through our GMA Academy department in partnership with SkyUp Academy, bring world-class sales agents, distributors, VOD, and broadcasters trough the GMA Expo and overall grow and expand the Gold Movie Awards®, allowing us to bring bigger names, media, and exposure for you and your film.


This is the first of 4 incredibly exciting announcements we have in the coming days. Stay tuned for our next one, it's a big one...    


The latest info as we get it will be updated on this page. Please do check here and our FAQ section before contacting us. 


Tickets for the 2021 GMA's will open soon. 

Updated  March 20th 2020

While we have every intention and are actively working towards bringing you the 2021 GMA's in its entirety, the safety and wellbeing of all our guests is paramount to us. Only if it's safe to do so will we continue with plans for the 2021 GMA's but we are delighted to tell you that as of today July 14th plans are underway and we have some very exciting developments we hope to be able to share with you all very soon. 


Submissions are now OPEN. Our submissions team and our esteemed judges are underway reviewing hundreds of submissions and we are delighted to tell you that while COVID-19 has presented many unique issues for the planet the quality of the work being submitted to us is as always incredible.


Please follow to the instructions of your government where you can. Only if we work together will we see our world return to normal in the shortest time period.   



What We’re Up To

As we head into another day of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and with mixed instruction and information as to what to do and when we can expect life to get back to some form of normality the entire team at the GMA's wanted to reach out to you.


While submissions are coming in, plans for the 2021 GMA's are still firmly underway. Our entire team are working hard and have every intention of delivering you your much-loved festival and awards ceremony this coming January 14th and 15th 2021 (TBC). For now, however, that's all the details we can share.


We would ask that you all be responsible, listen to the instructions of your governments and leaders. For once they may actually be working in our best interests. It's only if we all work together we can get our world back to normal in the shortest period of time and save lives. 





Our mission statement at the GMA's has and will always be to support the independent film industry and the arts in general. So that in mind and to get us somewhat through this tough and potentially slow period, given the world is in isolation. We are going to provide for you and anyone for that matter access to watch some of the very best, award-winning projects we have received over the past 5 years of the Gold Movie Awards®.


We are calling all filmmakers that have a project they are working on or just finished or that have submitted to us over the past 5 years. If you would like us to make your project available to watch via our website and social media to our global network, please reach out.

What we will need from you, 


  • A short (max 2 minute) video of you the filmmaker introducing yourself and your project (Talking Head Style)


  • The video must be in a "talking head" style (talking directly to camera), filmed and produced to as high a standard as possible. 


  • You must tell us who you are, where you're from, what your title on the projects is/was (director, actor, writer etc)


  • Why you decided to make this and when and where people can expect to see it (Cinema, VOD, TV etc) 


  • You may use some of the 2 minutes to add images or behind the scenes shots, anything you'd like to promote yourself and your project.


  • A downloadable copy of your project sent to us at Please ensure the projects is NOT password protected. 


  • This service is completely FREE, for both the filmmaker and the viewer. This is our gift to you, to support and we hope to entertain during this difficult period.

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