I've received an email from Filmfreeway that say my submission is INCOMPLETE.

If you receive an automatic email about "non complete submission" check your submission, you probably selected an additional category. You have to select a main category (for example "short movie") to adjust your submission.

I no longer want to submit my movie, can I cancel my submission and have a refund?

You may at any time cancel or remove your project from competition. Submission fees are unfortunately non refundable.

My movie is selected... what now?

You will received an email clearly outlining everything you need to know. Please read it carefully. If you receive an email from us on the 6th of the following moth, you have won an award. Please check our websitesite for full winners lists. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook to receive the most up to date news.

I sent my movie months ago. Can I send it again?

Yes, you can try...

I live in a country where it is not possible to send money to other countries. Can I have a free entry?

Unfortunately due to the high level of requests and to ensure the GMA's standards never waver we are unable to provide free waver promo codes to anyone, not just contries that will not permit money transfers.

My movie is awarded... how will I know wich category I've won?

You can find the complete list on our web site (page: winners and laurels).

When will I receive the certificate?

You can download it using the link on the "winners" page of our website.

My movie won an award, why does the status say "Semi-finalist"?

Filmfreeway gives us only 4 status: "Selected", "Semi-finalist", "Finalist" and "Winner". We mark our monthly winners "Semi-Finalist". They will be screened at the live GMA ceremony in London (only a hand picked select few movies will be screened) and "winner" they are our official "annual winners". All the semi-finalist will be invited to the annual GMA ceremony in London. At the Gold Movie Awards® our judging process is broken down essentially into 4 stages, Official Selection or Long List (does not participate at the GMA’s) “Semi Finalist” or Short List (does participate at the GMA’s but will not win our signature statue) eligible to win our “Special Mention” trophy and may, time and allocation depending have your film/project screened “Nominees” (does participate at the GMA’s, is eligible to win our signature statue and will have your film/project screened) Winners (takes home our signature statue, full access to all areas of the GMA's and its partners, media)


I'm an annual Winner but I didn't attend the event, can I have my trophy?

To receive our signature statur not only must you win but you must be in attendance to recieve it. If you do not attend you still remain the winner of the award but you will not recieve our signature statue.

What do I do with the trophy if I no longer want it ? Can I sell it ?

The Gold Movie Awards® signature statue (trophy) as per our by rules remains the property of the Gold Movie Awards®. Any attempt to sell, redistribute, damage, or destruction of said trophy or the good name of the Gold Movie Awards®, its staff, sponsors or partners is a criminal offence. Should any recipient of the Gold Movie Awards® signature statue wish to relinquish their statue they must return it to the offices of the Gold Movie Awards®.

Can I buy a Gold Movie Awards® Signature Statue?

No. Only the annual winners who attend the annual GMA awards ceremony can get the trophy. All winners will receive our "Signature Statue"absolutely free.


Will my movie be screened during the event in London?

Depends. We will endeavour to screen all/as many of the nominated films as possible. Which films get screened is down to the decision of our festival programers. One scene (or the trailer) of all the nominated movies will be shown during the nominations.

Whats kinds of workshops do you offer during the London event?

At the GMA's we offer bespoke, taylor set industry leading workshops for all our guests. Later in the year we will announce the 2021 GAM Academy Workshop program. The program will have a full list of all our GMA Academy workshops, talks, seminars etc along with the GMA Expo and all the GMA Events. For more on this please check out our various departments. GMA Academy GMA Expo GMA Events Due to restrictions caused by Covid-19 the GMA's will not be running its Academy or Expo for its upcoming GMA's 2021.

Are all the winners invited to the event?

Yes. All the monthly winners will be invited to attend for consideration within the same category they won. Our judges can add other categories.

Can my friends attend the London event ?

Yes... due to incredabe demand and limited spaces we must prioritise our nominees and film makers. Once we confirm seating later in the year we can then open seats (if available) to friends and families. Friends and familiey my now however secure a reserve ticket. This will ensure you a ticket/seat should tickets/seats become avaialbe you will be first on the list. For all ticket options please see our Awards Ticket page HERE

Tickets Refund

The GMA's do not have a refund policy. However the GMA's events team are here to help and will be able to resolve just about any problem you may have. If you can not now attend the GMA's for some reason please do let us know and our events team will do everything they can to resolve the issue. Should our events team be able to resolve the issue and grant a refund, The GMA's will refund the price that you paid at the time of purchase. The receiver will pay the Paypal commissions.


Is your festival on IMDB?

Yes, if you send us an email we will add your award to the official page of IMDB.

Can you add our award on IMDB?

Yes, send us an email with: TITLE, DIRECTOR, PRIZE and MONTH. We will record your reward to the official IMDB page.

How long does it take to see my award on IMDB?

Depends... we send the filled form to IMDb and they will add the prize to your official page. This process can take up to 6 weeks.


What we Need

Please send us a 20 second clip of your nominated project in which ever area you have been nominated. For example if your project has been nominated for “Best Actor” then the clip must show said actor performing, if you have been nominated for “Best Cinematography” then the clip must show this. Please send all media to : screening@goldmovieawards.com You will receive authomatic response if your email was your email successfully. DO NOT SEND CLIPS CONTAINING SUBTITLES, WATERMARKS, CREDITS, TITLES, INTERVIEWS, SELF TAPES OF THE DIRECTOR OR ANY OTHER MEDIA. FAILURE TO MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN YOUR NOMINATION BEING CANCELED.


Terms & Conditions

The Gold Movie Awards® hereafter known as "The Company". The individual, company or brand purchasing any advertising package hereafter known as "The Customer" 1) All advertising packages are priced per unit and must be paid in full before "The Company" can consider placing "The Customers" marketing material on any of "The Company" advertising spaces. 2) A limited amount of advertising placements will be available and will be on a first come first serve basis. 3) Advertising placements are purchased through the Gold Movie Awards® website only. Upon successfully securing any of "The Company" advertising packages, "The Customer" enters into a legally binding contract with "The Company" which expires January 10th 2020. 4a) "The Customer" understands that any marketing material (Posters, Video Content, Rollup etc) not owned by the "The Company" will be removed and disposed of upon expiry of contract on January 10th 2020 unless an alternative agreement is put in place prior to expiry of contract. 4b) The GMA Expo will operate from 10am until 4pm on January 9th 2020. All GMA Expo material and positions need to be collected and removed from the venue by "The Customers" not later than 4:30pm on January 9th 2020. Any material left inside the Expo post 4:30pm with be removed and may be destroyed unless prior storage arrangements have been made with the Gold Movie Awards® organisers/directors. 5) Sub branding or selling "The Customers" advertising space to another individual, company or brand is not permitted. 6) Should "The Customer" choose any of "The Companies" advertising packages which require posters, graphics, or any material printed, designed or created "The Customer" understands that this is not part of the advertising package and is at an additional cost. 7) Should "The Customer" wish to have "The Company" print, create, design and or organise and deliver "The Customers" advertising package extras (Posters, Video Content, Rollup etc) "The Customer" understands that this is at an additional cost to the listed price per unit advertised on the Gold Movie Awards® website. 8) Any additional costs mentioned above must be agreed upon between "The Company" and "The Customer" and all outstanding fees must be paid in full to "The Company" prior to any design, creation or print work being undertaken. 9) The Company", its directors, organisers, staff and partners take no responsibility for the printing quality of any posters or artwork created. 10) Promo Screens : Each of the images/logos displayed on our promo screens as part of the Promo Screen Package will play on a rolling advertisment loop and will be dispayed for 10 seconds each before changing to the next image. 11) "The Customer" understands that all imagery/posters/logos dispayed as part of any of our Expo options will go on display from 10am on January 9th 2020 and remain in place untill 11pm on January 9th at which time they will be removed after completion of contract. 12) The Company" reserve the the right to remove any advertising that is deemed offensive and/or un inclusive in any way, or is not in keeping with the quality and image of the Gold Movoe Awards®. 13) All imagery/posters/logos/video content etc must contain and dispay the official Gold Movie Awards® logo and name. 14) All imagery/posters/logos/video content etc must be officially aproved by the Gold Movie Awards® media department before anything can be displayed at the GMA Expo or at any place during the Gold Movie Awards®. 15) Should the Expo and/or event be canceled or fail to operate due to reasons outside the control of "The Company". "The Company" its staff and/or partners can not be held liable for any monies lost. 16) Should the Expo be canceled or fail to operate due to reasons within the control of "The Company". "The Company" agrees to refund any Expo contracts successfully purchased. "The Company" will not however be liable to refund any outside expenses encoured by the "The Customer" such as but not limited to (Posters, Video Content, Rollup, Flights, Travel, Accomodation or any other expenses outside the cost of the Expo package purchased) 17) The University Of Westminster and the Regent Street Cinema are solely on hire by "The Company" for the purposes of the Gold Movie Awards®. Neither the University of Westminster, the Regent Street Cinema or it's staff have any operational control over the GMA Expo or the aqusition of Expo spacing. Please only contact the GMA's media department HERE if you wish to secure placment at the GMA Expo. 18) Failure to adhere to any of the T&C's will result in your contract being terminated and you may not be eligible for a refund.


When Will The Nominees Be Announced

On December 13th 2019 at 11am GMT the Gold Movie Awards 2019 official nominee list will be announced at a live press conference from the Grange Strathmore in London. To watch live go to our Facebook or Istagram page or you can watch again on demand via our website after 4pm on December 13th. GMA FB HERE GMA Instagram HERE


Where and How Do I Collect My Accreditation




What We Need From You

1) A short (max 2 minute) video of you the film maker introducing yourself and your project (Talking Head Style) 2) The video must be in a "talking head" style (talking directly to camera), filmed and produced to as high a standard as possible. 3) You must tell us who you are, where your from, what your title on the projects is/was (director, actor, writer etc) 4) Why you decided to make this and when and where people can expect to see it (Cinema, VOD, TV etc) 5) You may use some of the 2 minutes to add images or behind the scenes shots, anything you'd like to promote yourself and your project. 6) A downloadable copy of your project sent to us at media@goldmovieawards.com. Please ensure the projects is NOT password protected. 7) This service is completely FREE, for both the film maker and the viewer. This is our gift to you, to support and we hope entertain during this difficult period. 8) By submitting your project/projects to us at the GMA's you accept our T&C's. 9) By submitting your project/projects to us at the GMA's you acknowledge you have permission and legal ownership of said project. 10) The GMA's and its partners are not and can not be held liable for any actions taken directly or indirectly due to your project/projects being made public and promoted through the GMA's network. 11) Submitting your project/projects to the GMA's does not guarantee your project/projects will be chosen by the GMA team for distribution. 12) The GMA team retain the right to final decision. The GMA teams decision is final and non negotiable