Join us for the 6th Annual Gold Movie Awards®, September 2022, live from London and carried by our partners Flick Fest and Film Ahoy.


Gold Movie Awards® Launches It's Brand New Events Department.

Gold Movie Awards® are proud to launch its brand new events department. At the Gold Movie Awards® it's always been our mantra to support independent film and with out brand new events department we can continue to do that. 

At the Gold Movie Awards® we believe in bringing people together. With our brand new Events department we can continue to host and organise industry leading events right across our network from Networking events to seminars through the GMA Academy, key note speeches, film premieres through our our film production companies Premiere Services to name just a few.  

It is our aim to facilitate the meetings of like minded film professionals, who have a passion for storytelling and have a message they would like to convey to the world. 


Limited tickets are available. Help support the next wave of your favourite films.

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Green Movie Award

Gold Movie Awards® are proud to launch "GMA Green" not just a brand new category but a brand new award and eventually a brand new festival.


Welcome to the GMA’s newest category, the "Green Movie Award". The "Green Movie Award" was created specifically to support, encourage and celebrate environmentalism in the film industry both in terms of story/content but the reduction of your carbon footprint during production. 

Did you market, produce or advertise your film in an alternative way that reduced your carbon footprint? Is your film about an important and well or even lesser know environmental concern?   


At the Gold Movie Awards®, it has always been our mission to support and celebrate independent film especially independent film which explores the stories of environmentalism and/or was produced and distributed keeping carbon footprint to a minimum.

It is our mission to seek out great content that will educate and inspire others to be kinder to our planet. We only have one. 

Do you feel passionate about our industry ?, Is your project based on an environmental issue or was produced keeping environmentalism in mind?

Then the "Green Movie Award" could be for you.


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