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The GMA’s are here to help. We at the Gold Movie Awards® feel its important to give back to the independent film industry and to do that we are calling for your scripts and film ideas.


Thanks to our partnership with many wonderful production houses, distributors, Producers, sales agents, financiers, Networks and many more we are in a position to be able to help you realise your vision. 


If you would like to be in with a chance to have us come onboard your project and help you with everything you need to produce your film please read carefully the T&C’s below.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your pitches....



The Old Film Farm Ltd is currently accepting submissions from young writers (not older than 25).


The Old Film Farm Ltd, a multi-award winning full-service production house are for a limited time only accepting ideas and concepts for short film’s. If your concept is selected, The Old Film Farm Ltd will produce for you free of charge your film of a budget up to but not exceeding £15,000. This is a great opportunity for young artists who want to find a way to produce their story.


You will be credited as the creator and writer and be brought onboard the creative team as The Old Film Farm Ltd producers develop and produce your film for you. You will work closely with The Old Film Farm Ltd both in pre-production and on set to ensure that your vision is produced to the best and highest quality. 


The Old Film Farm Ltd will organise (Script and story Development if necessary, Casting, production, pre-production, post-production, marketing, packaging, etc) everything that is needed to create the very best film within the confines of the budget and limitation of resources afforded to us. 


The Old Film Farm Ltd use only the very best in cinema grade cameras, lenses, lighting, sound etc. The Old Film Farm Ltd has the ability to shoot in Full HD, 2k, 4k, 8K, Full 360 Degrees VR, 180 Degrees VR, Drone work, wire work, High-speed filming, slow motion and a multitude of combinations.  


When completed your movie will be submitted into The Gold Movie Awards®, a brand of The Old Film Farm Ltd.


The budget of your movie must not exceed £15,000


The length of your movie must not exceed 12 minutes and must not require more than 4 locations. 


The Old Film Farm Ltd will at all time retain 100% of the rights and intellectual property of the production. 


The Old Film Farm Ltd will create for the film a full marketing and festival plan and submit your film to the appropriate festivals depending on style, genre, content etc. 


The Old Film Farm Ltd will also ensure that your film is spoken about in major global media further adding to the marketing plan and exposure of the film.


The Old Film Farm Ltd will create an IMDb page for the film. 


Should the film attract a financial return based on marketing, publicity, awards or any other form of exposure, The Old Film Farm Ltd will recoup the first £15,000 to cover the cost of production and expenses. Any monies raised or gained over £15,000 will be divided equally among The Old Film Farm Ltd producers and you the creator/writer.


We look forward to your submissions and see you on your set soon….

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